Facts about Lenovo and IBM Storage

Chinese PC producer Lenovo and the Open Soruce-driven Software-characterized Storage organization Nexenta as of late declared they’re banding together up and making a beeline for the business sector with a joint item. The new offering is gone for organizations requiring capacity for a scope of big business workloads, for example, virtualisation, OpenStack mists, document sharing, reinforcement and filing. The association will see Nexenta convey its product characterized capacity to Lenovo’s x86 servers. The arrangements will be founded on Lenovo’s System X and NexentaStor offerings, for capacity from many terabytes to petabyte scale. Fast information development combined with unassuming spending plan increments are constraining merchants and clients to revaluate their capacity systems by utilizing programming based capacity as a contrasting option to customary Lenovo storage to meet their business requests.

Investigation for IBM storage quality is moving to programming, with article stockpiling and glimmer developing while legacy circle and tape items see income falls. In Big Blue’s fourth 2016 quarter general incomes dropped nine for each penny yet capacity equipment incomes fared more awful, dropping 11.1 for each penny, with not a single end to be found. This proceeds with a pattern seen for as far back as four years. The main brilliant spots appear to be streak exhibits (FlashSystem) and server-based capacity yet we don’t know how splendid. IBM’s budgetary reporting singles out capacity equipment yet not streak equipment inside it.

IBM doesn’t report server-based capacity independently nor distinguish capacity programming incomes as a solitary reporting class; all of which hampers our capacity to recognize what’s going on. We can see what’s been going on with the capacity equipment classification for the most part and beautiful. The message here is that IBM stockpiling equipment incomes have seen four straight years of decrease and there is not a single end to be found. IBM administration does not recognize capacity equipment as a range requiring consideration, in spite of yearly incomes having dropped 35 for each penny more than four years, from $3.7bn in 2011 to $2.4bn in 2015.


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